School Council

The school council elects two children from each class from year 2 to year 6. The children are elected by a class vote, following an explanation to the class of why they would like to represent their class on the school council. The children highlight their strengths and what they could offer to the council. The whole class then vote on the child they think is most suitable for this job.

  • Reviewing the Every Child Matters agenda and rewriting this to fit with the core values and beliefs of the children in Leverhulme
  • Children’s lunchtime play equipment
  • New children’s toilet door locks
  • Collecting foods and resources for the soldiers in Afghanistan
  • Visiting the Barracks in Bolton and packing some of the shoe boxes for transportation
  • Requesting cycling proficiency lessons for Upper Key Stage 2 children
  • Researching suitable bicycle storage on the school grounds
  • Takeover day planning
  • Fixing the water fountains
  • Introducing a VIP table on Fridays
  • Fair-trade week ideas and tuck shop rotas

The agenda for the school council meeting is set by the children as a result of their class council meetings. Class council meeting take place each week and items discussed that need further attention or action are brought to the school council for further debate.