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Nursery Home Learning Links

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here is the start of your home learning pack. Due to the play based nature of our learning we always try to make learning as fun as possible and using worksheets is not something we would usually do.

However, we understand that you will need some support in knowing what will benefit your child. These are guidelines and there are a number of online websites that we can recommend to you. Many of these have opened up free access for parents and you simply have to make an account to access the free home learning resources:

There is a playdough recipe enclosed which you can make with your child. They can use this to make numbers, their name and use other loose parts to make their own creations.

For the shape hunt activity we have learnt the 4 basic 2D shapes; circle, triangle, square and rectangle. If you focus on these and count the sides and corners. If you feel they know these shapes you could look at making the shapes and making pictures using the shapes.

Daily practice of name writing, counting, understanding which amount has more or fewer are great ideas. Talking and reading stories with your child is the best learning of all! They will love the time with you playing and learning. Try out some of the ‘100 Things to do Indoors’.

As always please share your home learning through Tapestry.


The EYFS Team.


AUTUMN 1 Marvellous Me
AUTUMN 2 Celebrations
SPRING 1 Traditional Tales
SPRING 2 Growing
SUMMER 2 People Who Help Us


Curriculum Overview

Term: Summer 2

Overview of the curriculum


Theme: Animals and their babies.


English: Stories about animals

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Listen to and join in with stories

Letters and Sounds

Increasing the repertoire of songs and rhymes.

Listening for initial sounds.

Orally segmenting and blending simple words.

Learning to blend sounds to read simple words


Days of the week


Counting sets of objects


Moving in a variety of ways.

Parachute games.


Using the I Pads.