SEND Access Plan

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Special Educational Needs


Under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010, this school recognises the need to provide adequate resources for implementing an accessibility plan and we will ensure that the plan reflects our Disability, SEN and Single Equality Policies. In line with those policies, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that every young person, their families and also employees are given equality of opportunity to develop socially, work, participate and learn and to enjoy community life.


  1. Increase the extent to which SEN and disabled pupils can participate in the curriculum
  2. Improve the physical environment of school to enable SEN and disabled pupils to take better advantage of education, benefits, facilities and services provided, and
  3. Improve the availability of accessible information to SEN and disabled pupils


  1. The school will identify the nature of the school population including pupils already in school and moving through it and the nature of the future intake using advance information from pre-school/primary school etc)
  2. The school will audit of the school’s strengths and weaknesses in working with disabled pupils to include, the level of staff awareness of Equalities legislation; areas of the curriculum to which disabled pupils might have limited or no access.
  3. The school will review the opportunities for the participation of disabled pupils in after school clubs and school visits
  4. The school will review the building and identify parts of the school to which disabled pupils have no or limited access.
  5. The school will consider the impact on disabled pupils of the way the school is organised, for example, school policies and practices around the administration of medicines and the physical environment of the school
  6. The school will review the ways in which information is currently provided for disabled pupils
  7. The school will report its findings to key stakeholders without breaching confidentiality.
  8. The plan will be informed by the views and aspirations of disabled pupils themselves their families and the priorities of the local authority

 Overview – The plan:

The access plan is very specific to this school based on the information gathered and consultation results. The plan will address the three areas of improving access to

  1. The physical environment.
  2. Access to education, benefits, facilities and services.
  3. Access to information usually provided in written form, and it will set out strategies for
  4. Funding, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the plan

The plan itself is available in school